As the leaves put on a colourful show this season, it's your cue to play with daring textures, experiment with layers, and paint the town in fabulous hues you never thought you'd dare to wear. But before you hit the stores and start filling your cart with the latest shrugs and knitted wear, let's not forget the pièce de résistance of your autumn wardrobe: a stylish and versatile women's sling bag!

We know what you're thinking, "Sling bags? Really?" Simple as they may be, these stylish pieces are excellent investments as they offer durability, compact convenience, and the ability to vibe with pretty much any look, season, or event you've got lined up. And get this – they're roomy enough to stash all your must-haves without looking like you're lugging around a bulky bag or straining your shoulders.

Ready to rake in compliments with this fab accessory? Read below as we go over its advantages and how to wear and style one with your everyday looks.

Why Choose A Sling Bag?

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Slings bags have been around for years, and they continue to be one of the top items that never go out of style. In fact, stylists even recommend making these a staple in your collection stat, as they can keep your personal items close and safe while setting your hands free for sudden high-fives, coffee-sipping, and impromptu dance party action. 

Additionally, they are designed to be lightweight and smaller compared to a traditional purse. So, if you're looking for a stylish and practical accessory that can keep up with your on-the-go lifestyle, it's easy to see why sling bags are the way to go.

However, do note that choosing a sling bag can also be tricky. Today,  there are so many variations that appeal to a wide range of audiences. If you're after a version that can moonlight as a clutch for those ultra-fancy events, our Sling Bag in Black is a perfect choice! It has a removable strap that can also be used for other bags. And if you're thinking of spreading the sling bag love with a gift but can't quite nail down the perfect strap length, you've got to try the Sling Bag in Caramel. This sling bag version features an easy-to-tie strap with a generous length. 

Sling Bag Vs Backpack

Ladies, we feel your pain! Juggling work, social events, and errand runs can really limit our bag options. Backpacks? Sure, they've got space, but they can be major style buzzkills, often looking bulky and clashing with our outfits, even covering up a cute back detail on your favourite dress!

Classic sling bags, on the other hand, marries off the idea of a spacious backpack with the convenience of a handbag. These beauties offer enough room for essentials while being easy to carry and looking fabulous. And more importantly, they're way more budget-friendly than backpacks or top-handle or shoulder-strap handbags. 

How To Wear a Sling Bag

Featuring Our Sling Bag - Black

Can't keep your sling bag from playing a game of slip 'n slide? We've been there! To prevent this, simply look for adjustable straps so you can play with the length that best suits your body. This tip will work even for large sling handbags. If you've got an envelope-type sling bag, you can also wear it across your body diagonally to keep it secure. 

Today, there are several types of sling bags, including bum bags, retro-style, Korean, cross-body, and shoulder slings. While these are all the rage in social media right now, do note that special outfit combos will work for these. 

For instance, if the cross-body or shoulder slings you're using are made of leather or canvas, matching them with an athleisure top and bottom will make them look extra stylish. Another perfect example is the Korean sling bag, often available in bold colours and bubbly prints. Since they are a sight on their own, partnering them with neutral-coloured outfits is the best move so they stand out. 

How To Style A Sling Bag

Mastering the art of colour pairing is essential when styling your women's sling bag. For a sleek, sophisticated look, pair your sling bag with an outfit in the same colour family. You can also embrace the power of complementary colours and create eye-catching contrast by selecting colours that sit opposite each other on the colour wheel. These daring approaches will make your sling bag the standout piece of your ensemble. 

But wait! There’s more to styling a sling bag that you know! Read on to learn how one can change your figure, and what it works best with. 

They Can Change Your Figure

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Believe it or not, a sling bag can actually transform the appearance of your figure. By strategically positioning the bag at your hip or waist, you can create an illusion of curves or visually elongate your torso. Additionally, wearing a sling bag diagonally across your body can add balance to your overall silhouette.

What To Wear With A Sling Bag

Sling bags are incredibly versatile and can complement a variety of outfits. For a casual, laid-back look, pair your sling bag with Brooklyn Pants in Black, a comfy top like the Maui Tee in Blue Haze, and sneakers.

Aiming for a chic, sophisticated vibe? Style your sling bag with our Cape Shrug in Tan, a solid-coloured blouse, and high-waisted trousers. For a more flirty, feminine ensemble, rock your sling bag alongside a flowy dress like our Izzy Dress and cute sandals. 

Are Sling Bags Bad For Your Back?

Certain types of sling bags can be problematic for your back, especially if they have thin straps or are poorly designed with uneven weight distribution. Additionally, the length by which you wear your sling bag can also be a factor in how comfortable it is.

To avoid potential back issues, be mindful not to overfill your sling bag, as doing so can strain your back, neck, and shoulders. Here at Freez, we highly recommend limiting what's inside to the necessities—a small wallet, keys, and phone are all you really need. If you're going to wear one for extended periods of time, try to switch between wearing it on your left and right shoulders to ensure that neither side is bearing more weight than the other.

Shop your sling bag today!

Sling bags are the ultimate combo of versatility, practicality, and figure-flattering magic, proving they're so much more than just "another accessory." Ready to amp up your bag game? Look no further than Freez for the cutest and most practical women's sling bag options! Snag yours here

April 07, 2023 — Freez Clothing