As we transition from summer to fall, there's one wardrobe staple you won't want to be without - a cosy knit or wool cardigan. But styling these pieces can sometimes be a challenge. How do you rock a cardigan without looking frumpy or outdated? 

Fear not, ladies! We’re here for you!

From chic office looks to casual weekend wear, we've got all the tips and tricks you need to stay stylish and comfortable all season long when rockin’ your fave cardigan. So keep on reading for our expert advice!

Understanding The Wool and Knit Cardigan

G'day, ladies! Let's have a yarn about the unsung heroes of our autumn wardrobes: knit cardigans! These snug, stylish, and versatile beauties are here to keep us warm when the temperature takes a dip. With so many designs available, from lovely cable knits to bold oversized patterns, there's a knit cardigan that'll make you say, "That's a ripper!"

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We're absolutely smitten with our cardigans’ delightful textures and ultra-flattering silhouettes. This cardigan is your new BFF for layering over your go-to outfits, effortlessly adding a touch of elegance. So why not have a squiz at our wool cardigan collection and discover more fab styles? Get ready to step out in confidence and embrace the season with a bit of pzazz!

Classic and Timeless Pairings

When it comes to looking effortlessly chic, you can't go past the classic and timeless pairing of neutral, black, and white tops with your favourite cardigan. These versatile colours make it a breeze to mix and match with your cardies for a sophisticated look that never goes out of style.

A crisp white blouse or a sleek black turtleneck can instantly elevate your ensemble, while soft neutral shades like beige or grey offer a more understated elegance. So go on, ladies – have a play with these timeless tones and let your cardigan game shine bright as ever!

The Preppy Look

For a smart and stylish preppy vibe, try teaming your knit cardigan with a pair of chic capri jeans or Sicily pants, and a neutral blouse. This combo is perfect for a laid-back weekend brunch or a casual catch-up with your mates – you'll look as cool as a cucumber while keeping snug as a bug!

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To finish off your preppy look, slip into some ankle boots for an extra touch of class, or opt for comfy Uggs to keep your feet toasty. On warmer days, you can even rock some sandals for a breezy touch. Don't forget to check out our festival shrug collection to find the perfect cardigan for your preppy ensemble. You'll be turning heads left, right, and centre!

Casual Style

For a relaxed and comfy casual style, pair your wool cardigan with some slouch pants, leggings, or skinny jeans. This laid-back combo is perfect for running errands, having a coffee catch-up with your besties, or simply enjoying a cosy day at home – you'll be feeling warm and looking fab all day long!

To keep your casual look fresh and fun, accessorise with some statement bangles or necklaces. These little touches add personality and flair to your outfit, making it uniquely yours.

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Take a peek at a couple of our delightful cardis, perfect for nailing that casual style. Although they're not wool, our mini shrugs are equally chic and versatile for when you just need to beat a chill, ready to keep you looking stylish and feeling cosy all season long. So go on, ladies – embrace your casual vibes with these fantastic wardrobe must-haves!

Professional Chic

For a polished and sophisticated work look, try layering a silk blouse or a patterned/striped top under a neutral-toned knit cardigan. This pairing effortlessly strikes the perfect balance between professional and stylish, ensuring you'll look the part for any important meeting, presentation, or even an after-work bevvy with your colleagues!

Pair your chic cardigan combo with a sleek pencil skirt, some swanky leather pants, or tailored business trousers for a refined and trendy office ensemble. Trust us, you'll be the talk of the office – for all the right reasons!

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Make sure to check out our waffle knit cardigans for a fab addition to your professional wardrobe. With these knit cardigans, you'll be ready to conquer the corporate world in true boss babe style!

Trendy Options

We're dishing out even more styling tips to up the ante!

  • Add a splash of animal print to your outfit with a stylish scarf. This statement accessory will give your cardigan look an instant lift, making you the queen of the urban jungle!
  • Top off your ensemble with a chic hat or some chunky sunnies for a trendy touch. Whether it's a wide-brimmed fedora or a cute beanie, a hat can add personality and flair to your cardigan outfit. And let's be honest, who doesn't love a fabulous pair of sunnies to turn heads?
  • To really amp up the wow factor, strut your stuff in some knee-high boots, and for an extra creative twist, try wearing a scarf as a belt. This unexpected styling trick can add a fresh and fashionable vibe to your cardigan look. So go on, ladies – let your inner fashionista shine bright and embrace these trendy options with flair.

How To Layer With Cardigans

We're almost ready to wrap up, but not before we share some essential tips on how to layer with cardigans like a true fashionista. With the cooler months ahead, mastering the art of layering is key to staying snug and stylish.

  • Mix and match your cardigans with a variety of tops, such as turtlenecks, blouses, and tees, to create endless chic looks. Don't be afraid to experiment with different textures and patterns to add visual interest and depth to your ensemble.
  • Use contrasting lengths to create a dynamic silhouette. Pair a longer cardigan with a shorter top or vice versa to play with proportions and add an unexpected twist to your outfit.
  • Embrace the art of colour-blocking by pairing your cardigan with a top in a complementary or contrasting colour. This will not only make your outfit pop but also showcase your knack for creative layering.

Remember, layering is not just about keeping warm – it's also a fabulous way to express your unique style and personality!

All in all

Well, there you go, gals – the ultimate lowdown on rocking knit and wool cardigans! With these savvy pointers in your back pocket, you'll be conquering the cooler months while making a splash with your fabulous cardigan ensembles. From timeless elegance to daring, on-trend vibes and sneaky layering hacks, you're now equipped to whip up show stopping looks that let your individuality shine.

So, what are you waiting for? Time to flex those fashion muscles! Scoot on over to our knit cardigans page to snag that perfect waffle knit cardigan that'll make your wardrobe sing, or have a gander at our full range of Freez cardigans to uncover a treasure trove of stunning styles. Happy shopping, ladies – and may your cardigan game be strong and your days be toasty warm!

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