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Freez Founder Lisa & her daughter Bee
Freez Founder Lisa with her beautiful daughter Bee


Mother's Day is just around the corner with less than 2 weeks to go. 

Have you already decided on a gift for your dear mum? If not, don’t fret! You’ve still got a little bit of time…

For this special occasion, you can never go wrong with a fun and affordable ladies’ outfit! A gift like this will without a doubt bring a smile to her face and make her feel loved and special. All you need is a little creativity, the right fashion tips, and a sense of what would look lovely on your mum.

Read on to learn 4 insightful tips to help you find the perfect clothing gift for mum!


4 Tips For Finding The Perfect Clothing Gift For Mother's Day


1. Know her style.

When deciding how to choose the right clothing gift, you need to identify your mum’s fashion preferences. Ask yourself:

What does she wear on a day-to-day basis? 

Does she like wearing loose-fitting pocket dresses or layering up with knits or shrugs?


loose-fitting pocket dresses


Does she prefer casual wear or perhaps she likes to dress up when going out with her friends?


Festival Shrug for your mum on Mother's Day


Chances are, there'll be a pattern to the types of fashion pieces that your mum wears regularly. Once you figure out this, shopping for mum will be fun and easy!


2. Think About Colours, Prints, and Fabrics.

Understanding your mum’s style goes hand-in-hand with knowing what colours, prints, and fabrics she likes to wear.

For instance, do you often see her wearing animal print styles


 animal print dress


Or perhaps she likes donning simple draw-me tops


draw-me tops


Also, make it a point to consider what colours complement your mum’s skin complexion and hair colour. 

It's all about getting the balance right and selecting pieces in the right colours, prints, and fabrics that best suit your mum.


3. Discover her correct size.

Another important thing to do is make sure you buy the clothing piece(s) in the correct size for your mum. You wouldn’t want to give her a gift that doesn’t fit, right? 

When you’re able to identify her clothing size, you’ll save her from the hassle of exchanging it for a different size, or worse, returning your gift altogether… 


clothing hangers


To discover her correct size, you may have to go on an investigative hunt, but we promise, it’ll be worthwhile! Here are a few ways we recommend finding her size:

Next time you’re on Zoom with or in the presence of your mum, consider subtly asking her in conversation. Just make sure you don’t make it obvious that it’s for a gift! 

Another way is to ask a family member, ideally one who lives with her. Have them (or you can do this too if you live at home) sneak into her closet when she’s not around to get a peek into her size. This can definitely do the trick… just make sure you don’t get caught!


4. Shop her body shape.

There are many types of body shapes for women: pear, hourglass, straight, or apple shape. Take the time to get a clear picture of your mum and determine her body shape. 


body shapes for women: pear, hourglass, straight, or apple shape


If she is a pear, apple, or hourglass, then she’s likely got some curves. Knowing this, make sure you select pieces that define her waist and deflect attention away from the areas of her body that she may feel are unflattering.

If your mum has a straight body type, shop for clothes that add curves through exaggerated tops and bottoms.


 exaggerated tops and bottoms


At Freez, we diligently work to gather all measurements for each style in our catalog to serve you better. We currently offer generous sizes ranging from Small (8-10) to Triple XL (20-22) for many of our fashion staples.


The Joy in Giving a Fun and Meaningful Gift

Mother’s Day is one of the perfect days that you can express your love for your dear mum. And you can do this by finding the perfect gift for her. Sure, there are a lot of gifts you can give, but among many others, a chic, modern, and affordable clothing piece is sure to make her smile and feel special. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing your mum open a gift that fills her with excitement and joy!


fun and meaningful mother's day gift ideas


Keep your mum fashionable by exploring our Freez clothing catalog today! We create everyday fun and affordable styles that your mum (and you) can wear all year round!

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