Your 2022 Guide to Transitional Dressing

Calling all cool girls: warmer days ahead!

Spring is fast approaching but there’s still that definite winter chill in the air. It can be tricky trying to navigate in-between-season dressing, but it’s actually less complicated than you may think. 

Our fashion experts have done the work and put together their top three tips to transition your wardrobe from winter to spring with ease. But first ---

What is Transitional Dressing?

This is a favourite style hack of every savvy fashionista.

Transitional dressing is the art of seamlessly ‘transitioning’ your clothes from one season to another, without having to buy a whole new wardrobe. The idea is pretty simple: buy a few new items, mix them in with your winter wardrobe, adopt some warmer weather styling and swap out ‘winter-only’ items. That’s it!

The great thing with transitional dressing is you don’t have to completely revamp your closet. Of course, it would be nice to add some new pieces, but transition dressing works just as well with what you already have in your closet.

Check out our fashion tips for making your 2022 wardrobe work for both cooler nights and warmer days.

Candy Cardi Featured in Pink

Top 3 Transitional Tips to Set You Up for Spring

TIP#1: Softer Shades of Spring

The first tip to mastering transitional dressing is all about colour. Choose colour combinations that say spring instead of winter. Spring is bright with pastels, prints, and neutrals. Uplift your palette and your mood with these lighter hues!

Many of your winter pieces can begin to be used in new ways for spring. Knits, for example, are a great in-between-seasons staple. But instead of wearing them in darker shades like burgundy or black, grab a nice cream cardi or pink candy knit instead.

Start embracing the spring colour palettes slowly. You don’t have to jump in 100% right away. Begin by swapping out your dark wash denim with a lighter wash. Reach for more pastels and cheerful prints. Test the trend with a flowy Gingham dress in a mood-boosting colour paired with ankle booties. 

Featuring Our Alicia Dress in Tan

Tip #2: Layer Lightly

Layering is right at the top of the list of useful transitional dressing (or, undressing!) tricks. The whole idea is to be able to peel away lighter layers with ease as the temps climb.

Try layering with pieces like airy knits, cardigans, and sweaters that aren't overly thick or bulky. Throw a trench or denim jacket over your go-to hoodie or spring tee. And once the sun comes out, you can ditch your coverup and still look amazing. 

Pairing a nicely structured jacket with a flowy winter dress is always a great starting point. You can also try a thin short sleeved tee under a cosy ~yet lightweight~ cardigan paired with your favourite joggers.

Jenna Jacket Featured with Sophia Jumpsuit

Tip #3 Keep It Breezy 

Remember that you’re going for a spring look! So keep your fabrics geared towards the warmer season. Instead of warm and cosy, think soft, sumptuous, and lightweight. 

Mix, match and monochrome to nail transitional dressing while looking extra luxe. May we suggest a light knit, spring tee and pants in head-to-toe white?  Or, couple a nice pair of resort pants with a sunset tee to keep spring in sight. Don’t forget to layer on a shrug, though!

Transitional dressing from winter to spring is all about simple swaps using the right colours, layering techniques, and fabrics. These little touches instantly feel like spring, but with a hint of winter fashion to keep you warm while it’s still a bit chilly. The perfect balance!

Featuring Our Resort Pants with a Spring Tee

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