Dress Your Way to Happiness


You know the phrase ‘look good, feel good?’ How about the saying, ‘wear what makes you happy’? 

This year, the Dopamine fashion trend is combining both for style that sparks joy.  And it’s actually easier to execute than you may think! Here’s how you can shop yourself happy by injecting your wardrobe with mood booster outfits that make you feel great.

First Things First, What is Dopamine Dressing? 

It’s feel-good fashion, literally.

Dopamine Dressing is all about boosting your mood with the use of colour, texture, and shape. 

So you might be asking yourself, “Can a brightly-coloured skirt or sweater really make me happier?” Surprisingly, the answer is YES! In fact, it’s backed by science.

Just like Serotonin, Dopamine is a chemical made in your brain that strongly affects your mood, attention, and motivation. Having high levels of these ‘happy hormones’ can make you feel fantastic. Shaikila Forbes-Bell, fashion psychologist and author of the forthcoming book Big Dress Energy, explains this further, “When you wear something you associate with happiness, you embody that emotion and feel happy.”

Happy Model

Wear the Trend

Start your day by radiating positivity.

Dopamine Dressing is all about wearing things that make you feel happy, comfortable, and confident. That being said, it’s also incredibly personal and subjective. This makes it the perfect opportunity to take control of your style and direct it into what makes you feel fabulous from within. So here are some tips to embrace the happy!

1. Keeping it Cool with Colour 

Dressing for your happiness is an especially amazing trend for women over 35 to follow. Done well, it’ll enhance and warm your complexion for that much-desired youthful glow. And while it may seem intimidating for some, there’s actually the perfect bright colour for everyone. Begin by choosing hues that work well with your skin tone. 

Spring Tee - Red

The key is to start slowly --- snag that comfy cardi in a bright fuschia for a pop of fun. Or, keep it casual yet classy in a red tee. Layer your favourite stylish shrug and add spunk to an otherwise neutral outfit. 

2. Play with Patterns

Dopamine dressing isn’t limited to just colour. It’s also about wearing patterns and punchy pieces that make you feel good. Add spring to your step with a flirty, floral dress. Or, embrace this trend in head-to-toe gingham, animal print, and more.

Apron Dress - Daisy

3. Take Texture to Trend

Surround yourself with fabric that makes you smile. Cosy up in a stylish yet super comfy sweater. Choose clothes that are well-cut and figure-enhancing --- like soft joggers pants and knitted coats that make you want to cuddle. 

Remember, there’s a bit of Dopamine out there for us all. So take a peek into your wardrobe and find existing pieces that you have an emotional connection with. Then add on to that fashionable finds that truly excite. 

Cable Cardi - Magenta

Not sure where to start? 

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