For fierce, fabulous women like us, staying stylish is more than just a thing we do in the morning – it's a way of life. After all, our outfits are an extension of our personalities, a reflection of our inner confidence, and a statement to the world that we're here to slay, come rain, snow, or shine.

And speaking of snow, are you ready now that winter is coming?

As temperatures take a nosedive and the winds grow fierce, now is the perfect time to start assembling those ultra-cosy 'fits. The good thing is that there's no need to splurge on an entirely new wardrobe because (plot twist!) some of your autumn staples are more versatile than you think! One example of that is your autumn jumpsuits, poised to seamlessly transition from falling leaves to snowflakes!

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Jumpsuits are the undisputed queens of those crisp, sun-kissed seasons, but who says you can't rock these one-and-done wonders in winter, too? With just a few savvy styling tricks up your sleeve, you can literally wear these comfy pieces all👏year👏long – no matter what temp Mother Nature has in store!

Ready to style up this amazing piece? In this post, we'll spill the tea on how to keep turning heads with your beloved onesies, even during the frostiest days of the year. Let's begin!

Perfect Style Pairings

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Winter is seriously one of the most magical seasons of the year, and with it comes another opportunity to dress and impress. And this is where jumpsuits can help you out! These statement-makers are absolutely perfect for rocking solo or elevated further with iconic pairings. Think luxe leather jackets, cosy cardigans, cute turtlenecks, and luxe scarves. Sounds like winning 'fits, right?

But remember, the secret to slaying the jumpsuit game in colder months lies in the art of layering. Just be cautious not to overdo it underneath, as excess bulk can ruin the sleek silhouette we know and love. Let’s go into detail in the sections below on how to stay warm in winter while wearing a jumpsuit. 

Using A Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are simply Vogue-worthy, and the best part is that you can pair them with a jumpsuit to channel that edgy yet chic vibe. Depending on the style-o-meter you want to reach, you can go casual by wearing it the classic way or go high fashion by draping it over your shoulders. 

Regardless of how you choose to wear it, the buttery leather material is sure to keep you toasty while making your look sizzle. So, whether you're sporting a biker jacket or a refined, fitted piece, you'll be turning heads and staying toasty all winter long.

Matching With An Oversized Cardigan

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Are jumpsuits comfortable to wear during winter? The answer is a resounding yes, especially if you combo it with an oversized cardigan

Cardigans have always been one of the top must-have items on anyone's list since they come in a variety of sizes, types, and lengths that can work really well with tops, blouses, dresses, and jumpsuits. So, our advice? Reach for one in your preferred colour and material, and cocoon yourself in a stylish way!

Layering With A Turtleneck

Looking for the real winner? Teaming your jumpsuit with a turtleneck is a clever move to keep you snug during those frosty winter months. To nail this look, opt for a slim-fit thermal turtleneck in a complementary colour, and layer it under your jumpsuit for a sleek, polished appearance. Experiment with different textures, patterns, or even a pop of colour for an Instgrammable look. Don’t forget to add a long necklace for extra length and a touch of drama!

Go For A Classic Look

Feeling more classic than adventurous? Opting for the timeless boots and long jacket combo with your jumpsuit is always a smart choice. Depending on the style of your onesie, experiment with either oversized long jackets or a tailored, fitted option. The golden rule here is to balance proportions. For instance, try to pair oversized jackets and ankle boots with fitted jumpsuits to avoid looking bulky.

Knit Cardigan and Scarves Go a Long Way

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Ready to brave the cold?

To put the finishing touch on your winter-ready look, selecting the right scarf is key. Opt for luxurious, oversized ones in a complementary colour or bold pattern and experiment with various ways of wrapping or draping them around your neck 'til you find your signature style. 

Need inspo? Level up our Sophia Jumpsuit in Black by simply adding our Print Scarf to make it pop!

If you're aiming for something casual that can pass as an office or dinner date look, you can never go wrong with cardis! They are super easy to pair with anything, especially if you have a solid-coloured one. Just see how well we did when we styled our Spot Jumpsuit with our favourite Cotton Mini Shrug!

Using a Cloth Belt

To keep warm while maintaining your stylish edge, consider flaring out your jumpsuit and cinching it with a cloth belt. This technique not only adds dimension to your outfit but allows for better air circulation, trapping warmth close to your body. Plus, the cloth belt accentuates your waist, creating a flattering silhouette!

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And there you have it – our comprehensive guide on how to stay toasty warm while rocking jumpsuits this winter. As we wrap up this style-savvy article, let's tackle the ultimate question: "Are jumpsuits flattering even with all those layers?" Fear not, ladies, the answer is a resounding yes! Remember, it's all about selecting the perfect pieces that complement the cut, style, and design of your favourite jumpsuits.

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