If you thought you'd seen it all last spring, think again! Every Aussie woman knows that each turn of the season is like catching up with an old friend who's returned from a year-long adventure – familiar yet refreshingly unpredictable. Last spring's styles? Adorable for their time, but they've soaked up their share of our glorious sun. As we flirt with a brand-new chapter, it's not just about trading cosy layers for breezy fits; it's about unboxing a whole new realm of fashion flair. 

So, before you revisit those past season faves, let’s go over the latest and greatest this year – because, darling, spring 2023 is in a league of its own!

Fringe Revival: Elevating Your Everyday Clothes

Featuring Our Jacinta Metallic Cross Body Bag - Green

Time to dust off those tassels and swing into the season with style because fringe is back! What makes this super unique is that it comes in all shapes and sizes, making it easy to find the perfect strand to suit your personal style. From subtle accents that whisper sophistication to jaw-dropping statements that demand attention, there's a fringe fit for every fashionista.

Looking for a low-key upgrade? Add a touch of fringe to the hem of a skirt or the edge of a scarf. It's an easy way to elevate a plain outfit while keeping things classy. Ready for an all-eyes-on-you moment? Turn up the volume with a full-fringe jacket, or strut your stuff in a pair of tasselled boots. Want something a little less dramatic but still screams movement? Delight and surprise with fringe embellishments on otherwise ordinary accessories, like bags or jewellery. It's an unexpected twist that adds a playful element to your ensemble.

To ace the fringe game this spring, pair subtler fringe-infused pieces with solid basics, like your fave white tee or trusty jeans, to avoid overwhelming your look. Meanwhile, statement fringe items, whether it's a dress or a jacket, should shine solo. However, remember that too much fringe can leave you looking like you just stepped off the set of a Western movie. Thus, we highly recommend trying to keep things chic by finding the sweet spot between understated and flashy.

New Cuts and Embellishments for Jeans

Featuring Our Ripped Jean - Blue

Say au revoir to your tried-and-true skinnies and welcome the buzzword for this season's denim: Versatility! From the sculpting allure of high-rise cuts to the playful deviations in silhouettes, this season's jeans are curating a harmonious blend of comfy meets chic. And, hun, the revolution doesn’t end with just the cuts. Our denim scene this spring is a canvas of artistry with every detail, be it the boho touch of eclectic embroidery or the finesse of understated stitching, bringing each pair to life.

Wondering what's lining the denim runway? Here's the inside scoop:

  • Wide-leg wonders: Bid adieu to constraints; it's all about that breezy flair.
  • Asymmetrical waist wonders: Because why be predictable?
  • Patchwork passion: Retro vibes, contemporary style.
  • Ribbed jeans: Textured perfection for the win.
  • Jean skirts: The classic's comeback, with a twist.
  • Low-slung baggy pants: Casual, comfy, and oh-so-cool.
  • Bermuda shorts: The ideal bridge between shorts and trousers.

But why merely dip your toes in denim waters when you can make a splash with dazzling embellishments? As spring unfurls, the streets will be a runway of fashion mavens rocking bejewelled jeans. Envision pearls cascading down denim legs, glinting metallic studs catching the sunlight, artfully crafted slashes giving peeks of sass, and patterns that transform denim into canvases of art. With jeans like these, who needs an ice-breaker? Set the fashion dialogue rolling from the get-go!

Beige is Back: Embrace the Neutral Elegance

Often seen as the wallflower of the colour world, beige is now stepping into the spotlight, proving that sometimes subtlety screams louder than the boldest and brightest tones. But how do you incorporate this nuanced hue into your spring outfits without looking washed out? Voila! We’ve cherry-picked some fool-proof ways that prove beyond doubt - beige is anything but basic.

  • Beige all the way: Opt for a monochrome look with beige clothing and wooden accessories for an earth-toned, effortlessly sophisticated outfit.
  • Play with textures: Try a beige lace blouse with a suede skirt or a beige knitted sweater with silk pants to break the monotony.
  • Beige plus colour: Jazz up your beige trousers or skirt with a colourful blouse or oversized printed sweater.
  • Accessories are your allies: Want a subtler beige presence? A beige hat, bag, belt, or pair of shoes can add understated elegance to any outfit.

The New Cardi: Pop of Spring Colour

Add a pop of colour to those day's were the morning's start of chilly and the nights you need an extra layer. The Calie Cardi's are perfect for elevating any spring look. Layer over any of your spring looks (including dresses) for the perfect way to complete any look.


Chartreuse and Light Greens: Make a Bold Statement

This season, don't just wear your heart on your sleeve; wear your confidence in shades of chartreuse. Right from haute couture runways to mainstream market racks, the electric blend of yellow and green has swiftly climbed the popularity ladder. What makes this hue special is that it offers a fantastic way to break free from safer colour choices, challenging you to step out of your comfort zone. 

Afraid of looking like a neon sign? Start small. Add vibrant colours to your ensemble through accessories – think handbags, scarves, or jewellery. They're like a flavorful spice, meant to add flavour without overpowering the dish. Want to dilute all the energy? Tone down the boldness by pairing your chartreuse with neutral shades like white, grey, or beige. 

The Sheer Summer Staple Extends to Spring

Just when we thought sheer clothing was about to take its usual departure with the summer sun, it surprised us with a stylish swerve right into our spring wardrobes. This ephemeral trend finds its way back onto the fashion stage each year, constantly reinventing itself while maintaining its alluring charm.

Before you add to your cart all the sheer staples out there, let’s skim through some handy tips that’ll ensure you are embracing the sheer brilliance (pun totally intended) in the most stylish way possible:

  • Under Layering: Sheer clothing offers a fantastic opportunity to play with layers. Try a Corinna Top over a solid camisole, or pair a sheer blouse with a sleek bandeau. 
  • Overlay: Wear a long sheer dress or kimono over a summer dress or a top and shorts combo to add depth and a touch of drama to your entire ensemble.
  • Monochrome Magic: A single-colour story can make a powerful statement. Layer your sheer tops or skirts with similar-toned pieces for a seamlessly chic look.
  • Accessorise Wisely: Less is more when it comes to accessorising sheer outfits. Subtle, delicate jewellery enhances the elegance of sheer clothing without stealing its thunder.

Getting Big Impacts From Small Changes in Simple Looks

This spring, the 'less is more' philosophy reigns supreme for those seeking elegance in simplicity. But don't be fooled by minimalism—it's neither plain nor boring. These subtle, streamlined outfits present a fun, creative challenge: how does one stand out in simplicity? Here are the subtle touches you need to consider:

  • Textures: Ever thought of swapping your plain cotton tee with a rib-knit one? Or introducing a silk scarf to your seemingly familiar outfit? Different fabrics and knits infuse texture into your look, adding an appealing dimension without losing simplicity.
  • Cuts and Shapes: Playing around with design elements can have a significant impact on the overall aesthetic of your outfit. Asymmetrical cuts, for instance, introduce an unexpected twist to the plot, while bunched shoulders can add depth and character to a simple blouse.
  • Accessories: They're the secret sauce to a well-rounded look. A statement belt, dainty jewellery, or a quirky pin badge might be small in size, but they can elevate your ensemble to new heights.
  • Embroidery & Prints: Minimal yet elegant embroidery or a well-placed print can inject personality into your outfit.

Cargo Pants Are Back

Featuring Our Leather Look Cargo - Black

The 90s called, and they're sending one of their stars back into the spotlight. That's right, the formidable cargo pants have made a triumphant return, ready to give your spring wardrobe a punch of attitude and practicality. If you're a touch hesitant about embracing this trend, we have a few ideas to incorporate cargo pants into your outfits for a chic and functional look:

  • With a Crop Top: Balance the bagginess of cargo pants with a chic crop top. This combo creates a laid-back yet polished look that screams effortlessly stylish.
  • Blazers and Boots: Pair your cargo pants with sleek ankle boots and a fitted blazer for an ensemble that effortlessly transitions from a daytime jaunt to an evening rendezvous.
  • Monochromatic Magic: Dress head-to-toe in one colour to lend a sophisticated flair to your cargo pants. It's haute couture meets street style.
  • Accessorise Right: Complement the ruggedness of cargo pants with delicate accessories. Think of long-chain necklaces or colourful scarves for a perfect contrast.

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