Ethical Manufacturing

Ensuring that our clothes are ethically manufactured is of the utmost importance to the team at Freez. Recently, it has become more evident that ethical clothing manufacturing is harder to come by, but more significant to consumers than ever before thanks to increased awareness of working conditions across the globe.

The factories we work with go out of their way to look after their staff and ensure they’re paid well. We collaborate with one factory in Indonesia and two factories in China, all of which we pay regular visits to. These are small, family-run businesses that know their staff are their greatest asset. All staff are provided with clean, hygienic working conditions, and have two breaks per work day & lunch provided for them.

We take our ethical & social responsibilities very seriously and choose only to work with factories that offer fair working conditions. It is something we have been passionate about since the beginning of our manufacturing journey


With the Freez brand being produced in Indonesia since 2010, this beautiful part of the world holds a special place in our hearts.

We’re proud supporters of the YKPA Orphanage in Bali, and Lisa visits the orphanage as often as she can. Founded in 2007, YKPA have two orphanages in addition to a school for street and poor children in Kuta. They also help women and families in need.

We ensure all of our left over & unused fabrics are donated to the orphanage which contributes to the making of their dolls. These dolls are made in the orphanage then sold to make money. If you’re holidaying in Bali, the YKPA Steet Kids dolls are available for purchase in many shops & restaurants, these funds then go solely towards this extremely worthwhile charity.

Over the years, Freez has also given many gift vouchers & donated clothing to local sports clubs & schools for fundraising events. We love being able to give back to communities both near and far, and firmly believe it’s our duty as humans to take care of one another in any way we can