Freez is an Australian wholesaler of high quality womens clothing and fashion accessories. We have a great range of dresses, tops, bottoms & more.

Why choose Freez?

  • New stock arriving weekly
  • Quality Rayon, Voile & Rayon Jersey Fabrications
  • Generous Sizing, all garments fit tested before manafacturing begins
  • We don’t sell in packs – order any sizes/styles you would like!
  • We only offer wholesale to one store per area

To check out our full range please click HERE and do not hesitate to contact us with any further enquiries.

Thanks for visiting our wholesale page.

You may have come to love and know Freez the retailer, bringing you fashion-forward, affordable clothing from your favourite boutique brands. What you might not know is that we are also a wholesaler of high quality and affordable clothing and fashion accessories. We design, source materials and produce a fantastic range of dresses, tops, bottoms for real women everywhere. We use high quality fabrics and are constantly updating our stock to make sure there is always something new and fresh landing in store and in the cupboards of your customers. Our design motto is to design real clothing for real women. That means that there is nothing in our range that we wouldn’t wear ourselves. You can see this in the design as well as in the generous and consisting sizing of your favourite Freez fashion items. We know how competitive the retail fashion world is and we promise to only sell to one store per area so you don’t have to worry about competing on the same item with the boutique next door. We don’t like buying in lots, so we don’t sell in lots. You can order any size / style you like as you need and want them. We believe in creating great relationships with our partners. So if you’re looking to stock the Freez brand in your retail store, get in touch with us today and find out more about beginning your fashion journey with us.